About Us

Communications Workers of America Local 7214

Headquartered in Duluth, MN, CWA Local 7214 represents professionals in the telecom and technology industry. Our members include employees of CenturyLink, DEX, Avaya, AT&T and Paw Communications.

Our Mission

To fight for our members at the bargaining table, and to ensure corporate compliance with the contracts we sign. Further, to advocate on behalf of the membership for fair treatment, respect, dignity, safety, and a desirable work environment.

Contact Us

CWA Local 7214

Board of Trade building 301 W 1ST ST, Suite 509, Duluth, Minnesota 55802, United States

(218) 727-3100

Local Officer Contacts

President: Andrew Marks andrew7214cwa@gmail.com

Executive VP: Ken (Casey) Cusick casey7214cwa@gmail.com

Treasurer: Joy Marks joy7214cwa@gmail.com

Area VP-Network: Matt Feiock matt7214cwa@gmail.com

Dept VP-Wholesale: Judy Chesney judy7214cwa@gmail.com